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This is powerful! and I love it, it's honest and poetic, and shows strong feelings. Nyana, you and EighthHour did an amazing job

I always loved that legend, the red string, and your poem is super beautiful and makes the legend even more beautiful :D
And Eight made an amazing job too!

NyanaCreation responds:

I hope @TheEighthHour sees this as well ^^ he did an amezing job and still does. and i really love the legend, i hope i'll find such a person to. mabey i already have but usually it takes a couple years to really know. anyway i am glad you like it ^^

yay, Nyana, this is beautiful! Hope he can hear it, I'm sure he's gonna love it too

NyanaCreation responds:

He read it i am not sure if he has seen this or heard it. i am for sure he hasn't but i am glad you like it ^^

This script is lovely, it creates a great mood, a warm and comfy feeling.
and you can feel the friendship bond while listening to it.
I always loved the feelings that Nyana transmits in her stories, and Eighthour, you did a perfect job moving that emotions to the audio :D

NyanaCreation responds:

i am so happy that you like it ^^ i always try to think about how i will say things and how they will effect others so the feelings are real. it's a natural thing i do with writing but i am happy you love the feeling in the stories that makes me very happy ^^

and @TheEightHour did a really good job. i thought he did it perfect and i was so happy when i first heard it ^^

man this is beautiful, I loved listening to it all, it's very calm and I like the way you arranged it

Man, this is really cool, love the piano and bass, you're so amazing at the piano!! it sounds so fluid, I wouldn't change anything, it's perfect the way it is :D

man this is awesome!

Wooow... I've always admired people who can make so much with silent moments in a musical piece, and you did something amazing with the intro (and the whole piece). It builds beautifully along with the strings, and the melody is also beautiful, I think it shows so much strongs feelings and knowledge of life from you, that anyone can relate to this and feel each note's meaning. Yes, the sadness is wonderfully interpreted! Man, you're so talented, can't wait to hear more from you

MidnightSugar responds:

I'm flattered, I am glad you like it so much. Thanks for taking
the time to make a review.

I find it funny how you think I have a vast knowledge of life from listening to this,
since I just went and improvised on the piano for a while, picked out the parts I liked, and
put them together like a puzzle.

Anyways, I wish you good luck on all your future musical pieces.

Lol pala you nailed the voices I laughed a lot at quagmire's one xD
Yes, the voices are great, the only thing is the recording. One thing that helps a lot is the volume you use in the pc for the mic (I use around 65) so that it doesn't get too many buzzing sounds, and maybe you can clean those with some effects in programs like audacity :D

Man it's so cool to hear you reading Legend of the Gravekeeper. It's an amazing story.
I'm sure your project will come true! thanks so much for your words they mean a lot! :D
you have all my support!

Hi! I love making music (mostly piano). If you ever need a music track, a cover, or an original, please feel free to send me a pm or write me at my email: javi_psicoloco@hotma il.com

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