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Lol, it's so awesome and funny, can't wait for more episodes of this

Loved it! you made an amazing job

It was great man, I remember the first one, and this one is as good or even better.
The animation is pretty cool and the puns are so smart!!. Only thing is that it was a bit short for me, but maybe the lenght is part of it's charm

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Loved the game, the graphics are pretty cool, and the music too (very good for the game style), I felt a bit confused at the beggining, but it's quite intuitive to learn so after a minute I got everything figured out.

The best thing of this game is that it's soooo addictive! I've gotten to lvl 4 right now, and got some upgrades, love the fact that the type of modules increases gradually as you progress.

Loved it, the music was great for the game too, I liked the gameplay a lot.

Btw, about the ending... Wow pretty cool

This game is totally awesome! reminded me a bit of Trauma Center. Loved it! Also i'm playing on a laptop, lol so it's quite difficult without a mouse (but I think mouse users also find it difficult!)

Amazing graphics, colors, gameplay, and sounds

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This is powerful! and I love it, it's honest and poetic, and shows strong feelings. Nyana, you and EighthHour did an amazing job

I always loved that legend, the red string, and your poem is super beautiful and makes the legend even more beautiful :D
And Eight made an amazing job too!

NyanaCreation responds:

I hope @TheEighthHour sees this as well ^^ he did an amezing job and still does. and i really love the legend, i hope i'll find such a person to. mabey i already have but usually it takes a couple years to really know. anyway i am glad you like it ^^

yay, Nyana, this is beautiful! Hope he can hear it, I'm sure he's gonna love it too

NyanaCreation responds:

He read it i am not sure if he has seen this or heard it. i am for sure he hasn't but i am glad you like it ^^

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woow, Nyana, this looks beautiful! I'm back to check out your amazing work and find this new gem. your growing ability shows a lot! :D

NyanaCreation responds:

haha hey Jabicho long time no see. it's a model i made with rendring over it. i think anyone could do it even you ^^ but thanks alot i really loved to see you pop up again.

yay this is super cool! I love the use of txtures and shadows, and the coloring is so well done :D

NyanaCreation responds:

aaahw thank you ^^ took a year to be able to do that and learn a bit of shading but i am glad you like it ^^

Looks great! love the colors shades in every part, and the colors used, and looks very smooth too :)

NyanaCreation responds:

ahhw thank you ^^ this is the first time i ever tried pixel art and even digital art in general so i appreaciate this alot. thank you ^^

Hi! I love making music (mostly piano). If you ever need a music track, a cover, or an original, please feel free to send me a pm or write me at my email: javi_psicoloco@hotma il.com

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