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Lol, it's so awesome and funny, can't wait for more episodes of this

Loved it! you made an amazing job

It was great man, I remember the first one, and this one is as good or even better.
The animation is pretty cool and the puns are so smart!!. Only thing is that it was a bit short for me, but maybe the lenght is part of it's charm

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Loved the game, the graphics are pretty cool, and the music too (very good for the game style), I felt a bit confused at the beggining, but it's quite intuitive to learn so after a minute I got everything figured out.

The best thing of this game is that it's soooo addictive! I've gotten to lvl 4 right now, and got some upgrades, love the fact that the type of modules increases gradually as you progress.

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Loved it, the music was great for the game too, I liked the gameplay a lot.

Btw, about the ending... Wow pretty cool

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This game is totally awesome! reminded me a bit of Trauma Center. Loved it! Also i'm playing on a laptop, lol so it's quite difficult without a mouse (but I think mouse users also find it difficult!)

Amazing graphics, colors, gameplay, and sounds

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This script is lovely, it creates a great mood, a warm and comfy feeling.
and you can feel the friendship bond while listening to it.
I always loved the feelings that Nyana transmits in her stories, and Eighthour, you did a perfect job moving that emotions to the audio :D

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NyanaCreation responds:

i am so happy that you like it ^^ i always try to think about how i will say things and how they will effect others so the feelings are real. it's a natural thing i do with writing but i am happy you love the feeling in the stories that makes me very happy ^^

and @TheEightHour did a really good job. i thought he did it perfect and i was so happy when i first heard it ^^

man this is beautiful, I loved listening to it all, it's very calm and I like the way you arranged it

the feeling it transfers is lovely, goes so well with the title, it's peaceful and makes you feel free. Love it! :D

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I like the color, and the white borders are always a cool thing, remind me of those old refrigerator stickers style :)

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Hi! I love making music (mostly piano). If you ever need a music track, a cover, or an original, please feel free to send me a pm or write me at my email: javi_psicoloco@hotma il.com

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