New Original! PeachyMaiden & Javier Anibarro Z. - Hidden Lines (Original Composition) :D

2017-07-22 15:32:52 by Jabicho

This piece is called "Hidden Lines" and is a collab with peachymaiden! and also the sixth composition we make together :D

Click here to listen to "Hidden lines":

This wonderful art in the video, is made by peachy. The drawings, the colors. Isn't she amazing?

Peachy made the vocals, lyrics and mixing, and  I made the piano, flute and strings.

You can find peachy's Youtube channel in:

Thanks again peachy, for being such an awesome person and musician, It means so much! :)

Hope you all like it, see you!



Lyrics (Letra):

I can see there’s something in the wayThe way you talk, the way you walk when you’re next to me
I’d say it’s different but it’s the same
The same as all the other souls who’ve had thoughts for me

And though it pains me to say
It’d be better if you went your own way

You have the right idea, I wanna be loved like you
But by a soul who is different to
Someone I’d still give the time of dayBut for whom my heart won’t ever change
You can see there’s something in the way
The way I talk, the way I walk, the way I call your nameYou think it must be destiny
But somehow there’s space left in between

And though it hurts to feel
You spend all day dreaming it wasn’t real

I have the right idea, you wanna be loved by me
Your eyes devour it every time you see
A piece of my soul that I show to you
But what makes you stronger can kill you, too

I want a love without any hidden lines
I'm sure it'll come to both of us in time


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