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Hi! I love making music (mostly piano). If you ever need a music track, a cover, or an original, please feel free to send me a pm or write me at my email: javi_psicoloco@hotma il.com

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Cortometraje "Ciudad de Peces" (Short Film)

Posted by Jabicho - July 30th, 2018

(Click on the subtitles button of the video for english translation)

Ciudad de peces (City of fishes)

"There are people who know how to walk in the rain, and people who simply get wet"

Hi! A friend made this video along with his friends who are studying the filming career, and asked me if I could make the music for it. Hope you like it! :D

(No fish was harmed during the filming process)



i checked the video out, and i think it's cool. i think your friend has talent and deventually could make it with enough efford. i wouldn't have thought of the idea and it was quite odd at first and i didn't get the end a bit but i can still appreaciate it. also the music is great and fits everything perfectly. anyway i am glad you could share it. it was deventually worth my time watching it ^^

Yay, thanks for checking it out, Nyana! :D

Yes, my friend who made the video has some super rare ideas and sometimes they can be quite confusing for me too XD but i like his subtle messages, like the video that's trying to show how even if a person feels out of place, he/she can find another one that feels the same, and they can find happiness in each other's "crazyness". But I also think he likes that his ideas are confusing, since once he told me that he likes making people question things and not sending a direct message, but instead let people interpret them their own way.

Thanks for your words about the music too, it means a lot :), I had to make it in a super short amount of time, but I was able to add some things like violins. So I'm super happy you enjoyed it :D